How to have sex with locals in the Bay Area

The San Francisco Bay Area is filled with people of all kinds. No matter who you are who are or what kind of person you’re looking for, there’s always someone out there who’s single and would love to meet and fuck, or even be a regular fuck buddy with you.

Unless you know where to go or what to do, you may never come across the perfect person. There’s tons of bars and places where local singles hang out, and tons of popular dating apps, so it can be hard to know where to start. That’s why we’ve created this guide to meeting local singles in the Bay Area.

Local Dating Apps

Dating apps are a great place to start if you’re looking to meet and fuck somebody new. Here’s some of the better ones for using while you’re in the Bay Area.

Local Sex is what the name implies. It’s a hookup app that helps you connect with local people, and if you’re in the Bay Area looking to have sex with someone nearby as fast as possible, this may be the best choice. There are tons of members from all around looking to hook up, including people near Oakland, San Francisco, and San Jose. I you want to go on a date or get to know your potential fuck buddy a little bit first, then this probably isn’t the best app for you, but if you want a discrete and quick hookup, this app should work great for you.


Before we talk about how to meet local singles, we need to talk about Tinder. Tinder is a free dating app that matches you with potential dates nearby. Unlike other dating apps, you can get in touch with a potential match right away, and you can make it clear in your profile that you’re a local.

Tinder allows you to browse potential matches without interacting with them first, making it a great way to meet potential dates. You can look for people you already know, or you can look for people you’re not yet familiar with. Tinder is a great way to meet local singles because it’s all about location. It allows you to find people nearby. On Tinder, you can also chat with other matches, and you can choose who to interact with in person if you both match.

Coffee Meets Bagel

Whether you’re looking for someone in the Bay Area or just wanting to meet someone local, Coffee Meets Bagel, a free dating app is perfect for finding your match. It allows you to connect with people from across the Bay Area, and users are responsible for choosing who they swipe right on.


Tinder-like, Hinge lets you swipe through people to find potential matches based on your interests. You can also show your potential matches other photos, so if they’re interested, they can send you their first in-app text. Hinge lets you connect with locals who live in your area, or can be further away, just by swiping their photo. You can also swipe to indicate if you’re interested or have no interest in meeting.

How to meet locals

Here are some tips for the Bay Area to help you meet locals for sex: If you’re trying to hook up with a business professional, don’t ask for their number – Ask for their business card or LinkedIn. Networking events are the best. People meet the most people there.

Look for companies or organizations to join. Ask for their newsletter. Plan a walking tour. Meet people on your walk around town. Meet at specific restaurants for special events or events happening in the city. Volunteer somewhere in the city where you could meet people.

In San Francisco, it’s easy to spend hours in coffee shops drinking coffee and meeting people.

But when you’re new to the city and don’t know anyone who knows where to go to meet locals, this may seem like a great option. Don’t let the safety factor be a deal breaker, though.

You can find safe coffee shops and cafés where no one will approach you and ask you to grab coffee with them. Go to one you’re comfortable going to that’s not too far from your work, which makes it convenient for you. Also make sure to never go to one where you’re more interested in drinking coffee or having a nice chat.

Local Dating Tips

Always be on time. This is just basic courtesy. If you’re on time, your date will be happy to wait around while you finish getting ready. On the flip side, if you’re late, your date will be gone and you’ll probably never see that person again. Remember, she’s not on your payroll. Show up at least 20 minutes early for a first date.

Be respectful. Every city has their share of free-loaders, but that’s no excuse to be rude. If you’re meeting someone on a dating app or in person, it’s important to remember that your date may have recently been going through a difficult breakup or a family tragedy. Unless you know for sure that the other person has a family, that friend, or has taken a vow of silence, don’t be that jerk who starts complaining about your boss or recent breakup.


Hopefully this guide has given you some good ideas for how to meet singles in the Bay Area. Don’t worry, we’re here to help. And we can be found on social media if you’d like to chat.

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Best Meals For Sex On The First Date

Below are some of the easiest and most delicious things you can cook for a new date.

The next date night, before you know it, skip the scramble for a table in a hot new restaurant and get to know each other over a cosy, homemade meal. If you lack cooking skills, you can take a breath (or a shot of tequila) and scroll down to find a list of romantic dinners to cook together.

Cooking is one of my favourite languages, and there is no better way to show what it feels like than to prepare a delicious homemade meal. This is not to say that food does not matter, but the food you cook should not stand in the way of conversation, not be too heavy or messy to eat, and above all, leave plenty of time to prepare. At this point, it will be easier for you to focus on what you are not eating. 

If you’re preparing a meal for a date, it’s a great way to start a conversation. If you want to try to make your date night special, the inclusion of a pretty dish is an easy way to boost your game. 

Our menu contains vegan dishes, lots of Italian (mmmm pasta), fancy grilled cheese, Thai curries (so much drooling worthy) and much more. 

Mexican Food

Most people love Mexican food because many Mexican dishes are easy to prepare; enchiladas, for example, are easy to prepare and delicious.

Spanish paella

Chicken and rice dishes such as Spanish paella, a dish made with chicken and seafood are also a great choice.

Served in small triangular wedges, this delicious dish probably leaves no mess on your hands or clothes. To avoid unpleasant leftovers stuck in your teeth, choose one or two soft, warm tortillas.

Thai and Indian fusion

An Instant Pot is great for Thai and Indian fusion dishes that will be your new best friend. 

If you’re the kind of person who can’t handle too much heat, avoid spicy food on your first date. Add to that the heightened atmosphere of a first date and you will inevitably make some decisions that you will regret. 


Food from Italy is the starting point for a date night because it is a cuisine that many people like, but there is a problem: Many Italian dishes have tons of garlic, onions and all kinds of messy sauces that make you worry that they are coming all over you. If you want to make this meal special, you have to look at the things you get when you’re in a restaurant.

It’s hard to screw up pasta, and one advantage is how delicious the sauce is without ruining the tablecloth you’ll never use otherwise. If you’re looking for a first date hookup, the dating app MILF Sex has rated pasta as the best meal for getting sex on the first date.

We know, we know, that the tramp lady somehow ruined this one, but it seems that spaghetti and meatballs are the perfect date night food. On a date, I find it great when people each other help out, and fresh pasta is a nice way to get involved. 

For a dinner with bowls filled with cheese, they are made with ricotta, mozzarella and parmesan cheese and baked in a marinara sauce. 

Pot Stickers

Also known as pot stickers, these pancake dumplings are crispy and chewy. Like sushi, you can pick them up with chopsticks and eat them in a quick bite or two.

Roast Chicken

The best thing about roast chicken is that it will fill your home with delicious smells. This vegetable-based dish takes only 15 minutes to prepare, and the roasted red peppers give the whole thing a delicious kick.

The key to getting the best out of this dish is to fry it in olive oil and let it cook undisturbed. The great thing about this recipe is that you can garnish every little bite with all sorts of delicious stuff, so there is a nice change.

For an appetizer like pan chicken and couscous, this is a simple dinner recipe for every night of the week.

Mac and Cheese

When we are after a meal that makes us feel at home, it is never a bad idea to resort to homemade comfort food. Mac and cheese are a heartwarming dish, and adding lobster to it exaggerates it.


Sushi is a simple meal of fish, rice and vegetables that is delivered wrapped in strips of seaweed.


Steak is a good choice for the first date because it is cut into bite-sized pieces that you can put in your mouth.


If you don’t like champagne or coffee, you might want something sweet and fruity to finish your meal. A few raspberries in the glass make the whole thing worthy.

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Meritage offers guests a small and large plated menu using the highest quality ingredients from many local purveyors and artisanal producers from around the U.S. which when combined with the culinary expertise of our Chef, dishes are created that are both exciting and satisfying.

Our passion for the local fare is showcased throughout Meritage’s breakfast, dinner, and bar menus which offer small and large portions encouraging diners to explore and share.

Dinner highlights include: Ahi Tuna A La Plancha sweet chili hummus, toasted almonds, preserved navel orange, mint salsa in the Light Whites category; Crispy Calamari smoked shitake mushrooms, baby bok choy, fine herb emulsion in the Fruity Reds category; Niman Ranch Grilled Pork Chop crispy haricot-vert, wilted collard greens, vadouvan, spring onion soubise in the Spicy Earthy Reds category; and the Filet Mignon boulangere potato, cabernet essence, point Reyes fondu; in the Full body Red category. Indulgent desserts include the Tcho “Pier 17” chocolate tasting, the Fuji Apple Éclair raspberry, blood orange, candied pecans and a tasting trio of local artisan cheeses.

The “Sips & Bites” bar menu features playful and comforting dishes like Kobe Beef Mini Burgers with all the fixings on a toasted sesame seed bun and Applewood Smoked Bacon Wrapped Dates, marcona almonds maytage blue cheese. Breakfast specialties include Bananas Foster Pancakes with caramel, banana, granola, whipped cream; Tahitian Vanilla Bean Brioche French Toast with currants, caramelized apples, orange butter and Spring Poached Eggs asparagus, oyster mushroom, toasted brioche, wild arugula, avocado salsa.

On Sunday, the tradition continues with an elegant brunch buffet inviting guests to spend the day enjoying great food with family and friends in a fantastic setting.

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The Restaurant

Two-story high ceilings, original arches, and columns welcome you through the dramatic entrance.

An inviting Mahogany bar with a cozy lounge encourages lingering over a glass of wine and enjoying small plates and music every night. 

The farm-to-table concept is shown through wine racks and fresh seasonal ingredients displayed through the glass as you enter.

The main dining room provides guests with breathtaking views of the San Francisco Bay, leaving you with an experience to remember.

Born of a golden era, dining at the Claremont has always recalled images of gracious living.

As early as 1916 the Garden Room “high atop the hill” offered fine cuisine and historic, elegant charm.

Renowned for its grand buffets and holiday soirees, the Garden Room offered a dining experience as fine as any city hotel and hosted famous performers such as Count Basie, Louis Armstrong and Tommy Dorsey.

In the 1930s the Garden Room was flanked by a large porch where guests would sit, walk and admire the surroundings and spectacular surroundings.

Throughout the years the Claremont continued the tradition of fine dining, opening Jordan’s, the resort’s Four Diamond award-winning restaurant in the former Garden Room.

With unparalleled views of the twinkling Golden Gate Bridge and the California sunset, Jordan’s brought an atmosphere of relaxed elegance to Berkeley.

Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and an acclaimed weekend brunch, Jordan’s offered California cuisine with a decidedly French accent highlighting ingredients indigenous to Northern California.

Multi-course Tasting and Vegetarian Menus highlighted the bounty of the region and were matched with an extraordinary wine list.

Gazing out at the lights of San Francisco, Jordan’s quickly became a celebrated dining destination in the Bay Area.

In the fall of 2009, Meritage ushered in a new era of dining.

The current concept celebrates the marriage of wine and food by offering contemporary Californian cuisine with an extensive selection of wines available by the taste, glass, and bottle in a welcoming, comfortable atmosphere for the grandest of fetes or the most casual of dinners.

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Private Dining

The Meritage Private Dining Room

Just a short stroll through the main dining room you step into the spacious Meritage Private Dining Room with a stunning view of both the San Francisco cityscape and resort palm trees.  

The room is perfect for a business dinner or any social gathering that appreciates relaxed yet refined service, fine wines and great farm-fresh food.  Capacity of 75 for receptions and 50 for seated occasions.

The Alumni Room

Adjacent to the Meritage Lounge, the Alumni Room offers the warmth of mahogany paneled walls and spectacular views of the resort and Bay. Take a stroll through the decades with eclectic framed photos of Cal Alumni and memorable university events.

This room is perfect for lunch, reception, or dinner.  The capacity of 50 for receptions and 32 for seated occasions.

Claremont Hotel Banquet Rooms

The Claremont provides luxurious accommodations for you and your guests and ideal venues for weddings, family celebrations, corporate dinners or holiday parties.

No matter how intimate or lavish, casual or elegant, our team of planners can handle the details while you enjoy having it all come true. 

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The Wine

The Meritage wine list has been created with our culinary philosophy in mind. Food and wine are intended not only to complement each other but to inspire one another as well.

This is an integral part of the dining experience at Meritage.

With over 190 selections to choose from our wine list complements the food with a substantial backbone of the highest quality American wine producers without excluding a representation of classic and new European producers, including Italy, Austria, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, Germany.

This list received the coveted Wine Spectator’s Award of Excellence for 9 years running.

Our list of 18-featured wines by the glass offers a selection of wines that change to accommodate our seasonal menu changes.  The menu is laid out like a wine list and is designed to pair with specific wine flavors.

There are 6 categories of wine styles on the menu, each with 3 dishes.  These are the chef’s recommendations of what goes well with a particular style of wine. 

All glasses are available in half and full pours to give our guests flexibility to try a variety of wines with their meals.

At a time when the selection of wine can be daunting and intimidating due to the sheer quantity of extraordinary wine available, our list offers novices and wine connoisseurs a perfect blend of wine and food.

There are wines for every taste and price point.

Tasting enjoyment, cuisine pairing strategy, and a generous cross-section of affordability make the Meritage wine list approachable and an integral part of an extraordinary dining experience.

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