Best Meals For Sex On The First Date

Below are some of the easiest and most delicious things you can cook for a new date.

The next date night, before you know it, skip the scramble for a table in a hot new restaurant and get to know each other over a cosy, homemade meal. If you lack cooking skills, you can take a breath (or a shot of tequila) and scroll down to find a list of romantic dinners to cook together.

Cooking is one of my favourite languages, and there is no better way to show what it feels like than to prepare a delicious homemade meal. This is not to say that food does not matter, but the food you cook should not stand in the way of conversation, not be too heavy or messy to eat, and above all, leave plenty of time to prepare. At this point, it will be easier for you to focus on what you are not eating. 

If you’re preparing a meal for a date, it’s a great way to start a conversation. If you want to try to make your date night special, the inclusion of a pretty dish is an easy way to boost your game. 

Our menu contains vegan dishes, lots of Italian (mmmm pasta), fancy grilled cheese, Thai curries (so much drooling worthy) and much more. 

Mexican Food

Most people love Mexican food because many Mexican dishes are easy to prepare; enchiladas, for example, are easy to prepare and delicious.

Spanish paella

Chicken and rice dishes such as Spanish paella, a dish made with chicken and seafood are also a great choice.

Served in small triangular wedges, this delicious dish probably leaves no mess on your hands or clothes. To avoid unpleasant leftovers stuck in your teeth, choose one or two soft, warm tortillas.

Thai and Indian fusion

An Instant Pot is great for Thai and Indian fusion dishes that will be your new best friend. 

If you’re the kind of person who can’t handle too much heat, avoid spicy food on your first date. Add to that the heightened atmosphere of a first date and you will inevitably make some decisions that you will regret. 


Food from Italy is the starting point for a date night because it is a cuisine that many people like, but there is a problem: Many Italian dishes have tons of garlic, onions and all kinds of messy sauces that make you worry that they are coming all over you. If you want to make this meal special, you have to look at the things you get when you’re in a restaurant.

It’s hard to screw up pasta, and one advantage is how delicious the sauce is without ruining the tablecloth you’ll never use otherwise. If you’re looking for a first date hookup, the dating app MILF Sex has rated pasta as the best meal for getting sex on the first date.

We know, we know, that the tramp lady somehow ruined this one, but it seems that spaghetti and meatballs are the perfect date night food. On a date, I find it great when people each other help out, and fresh pasta is a nice way to get involved. 

For a dinner with bowls filled with cheese, they are made with ricotta, mozzarella and parmesan cheese and baked in a marinara sauce. 

Pot Stickers

Also known as pot stickers, these pancake dumplings are crispy and chewy. Like sushi, you can pick them up with chopsticks and eat them in a quick bite or two.

Roast Chicken

The best thing about roast chicken is that it will fill your home with delicious smells. This vegetable-based dish takes only 15 minutes to prepare, and the roasted red peppers give the whole thing a delicious kick.

The key to getting the best out of this dish is to fry it in olive oil and let it cook undisturbed. The great thing about this recipe is that you can garnish every little bite with all sorts of delicious stuff, so there is a nice change.

For an appetizer like pan chicken and couscous, this is a simple dinner recipe for every night of the week.

Mac and Cheese

When we are after a meal that makes us feel at home, it is never a bad idea to resort to homemade comfort food. Mac and cheese are a heartwarming dish, and adding lobster to it exaggerates it.


Sushi is a simple meal of fish, rice and vegetables that is delivered wrapped in strips of seaweed.


Steak is a good choice for the first date because it is cut into bite-sized pieces that you can put in your mouth.


If you don’t like champagne or coffee, you might want something sweet and fruity to finish your meal. A few raspberries in the glass make the whole thing worthy.