3 Telltale Signs You Should Ask Her Out Already

Maybe you aren’t sure if she feels the same way and you don’t want to risk ruining the friendship, or you’re afraid she’ll turn you down and then still have to see each other in class. No matter your fear, you’ve found your way to this article for a reason—or should I say, for a girl—and you should probably go ask her out.
Through my own personal experiences and those of my good friends, I have conducted a list of three telltale signs that you’re in the clear to ask her out.
If there is a specific someone you are thinking about right now—whether it is that cute girl from class, the babe from the bar or literally the girl who lives next door—go ask her out already.

Naturally Drawn to Each Other
We’ve all met that person whom we are naturally drawn to. If you haven’t already, you’ll recognize it when it happens.
It’s a very strange, yet comforting feeling. You seem to have just met this person, yet every time you’re in the same general area, you find yourselves chatting away as though you’d been best friends for years.
I remember watching this happen to a friend of mine a few years ago. He met a girl—friend of a friend—and they instantly clicked. Every time they ran into each other at a bar, no matter the place, the time or the occasion, they’d end up sitting or standing close together and just talk between themselves for hours. We would literally just stand there and watch it happen.
Sooner or later, he asked her out. Till this day, we still find them talking together, although much closer now, and just enjoying their natural attraction between each other.
Natural attraction doesn’t lie; it’s merely you trying to help yourself out without even knowing it. So listen to it, and go ask that girl out.

You Make Her Laugh (& vice versa)
One of the most rewarding things for men—in regards to women and not including sex—is making his crush laugh. A man is naturally attracted to a woman who laughs it his jokes, and she may only be laughing at his jokes because she is attracted to him.
No matter the case, a similar sense of humor between two people immediately creates a special bond; especially when those two people are of the opposite sex.
Laughter is a sure sign of pleasure and enjoyment that relates closely to other forms of intimacy. Laughing with one another in itself is a form of intimacy, and it could be the start of something much bigger.
If you find yourself remembering jokes to tell them to her later, tagging her in dank memes you find on social media or merely find yourselves laughing together in everyday conversation, go ask her out.

You Guys “Make Plans” Together
I think we’re all familiar with the, “Oh that sounds fun, we should totally do that sometime,” type of making plans. It’s where you’re in the middle of a conversation, a cool idea comes about through a story and you find yourself excitedly interested and wanting to take action sometime.
What this symbolizes though is a willingness and desire to do things together. No one is going to mention hanging out and doing something together when they wouldn’t want to—they just wouldn’t.
Whether it’s trying a new restaurant in town, going for a bike ride or merely seeing a new movie, take action on this proposed plan and make it happen! Even if your “plans” were extravagant and are unrealistic at this time, such as going on a camping trip or driving to Vegas for the weekend, still make real plans and actually follow through.
You know you want to, or else you wouldn’t be reading this article.

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