3 Reasons To Date Older Men

Now I’m not saying every older man has his shit together, but more likely than not they have a firm grasp on the man they’re becoming that will show how they are in a relationship.

1. He’s Experienced:

Not only sexually but most likely with other relationships as well. If he’s been in past serious relationships, then he should be acutely aware of what is expected from him when he is in one. Hopefully he has learned good habits in regards to dating but all in all, it’s nice to date someone who’s had his fair share of life.

On the other note, sex wise it will probably be out of this world. If he’s had his fair share of sexual experiences, he will know the right moves and things to say in the bedroom that will be unlike anyone else.

Also, the stamina he has will blow your mind and have you reconsidering every sexual encounter you’ve had before him. It’s nice to have someone else take control in the bed, and it never hurts to learn some new moves while you’re at it.

Try not to feel inadequate when he coaches you in bed, instead embrace this free sex lesson and partake in all this wild adventure has to offer!It’s refreshing being in bed with a man who knows exactly what he likes and knows exactly how to please you without you having to say a word.

2.He’s Mature:

Older men have been through many more life experiences and in deed have learned how to deal with them, in one way or another. Whether they learn the hard way or not, time in itself helps a person grow and transform into the adult they’re inevitable to become.

No one’s perfect so you’ll probably still get into some disputes but guarantee they will be less dramatic and ridiculous than the one’s with a younger guy. When people take life more seriously as well as relationships, there is no need to waste precious time and breath on irrelevant nonsense.

Instead of spending your energy on bickering you’ll be spending it in a much more pleasant way… like in the bedroom.

3.He’s Stable:

If he’s out of his parent’s house and living on his own, or even with roomies, then he’s considerably stable! Also, a career while we are at it! It doesn’t necessarily need to be this fantastic high-end job but something with stability that ensures a monthly check to pay his bills and spoil you never hurts.

It’s nice not to have to worry how your partner is going to get by every month and instead feel secure and comfortable about finances, even so much you could stop working if you wanted!

Not saying older men are automatic sugar daddies but being spoiled and treated like a princess every now and then doesn’t hurt too much.

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